The 12th Anniversary of the Syrian Revolution; No Justice without Accountability

No justice without accountability is a slogan the Free Syrian Lawyers Association raised in demonstrations on the 12th anniversary of the Syrian revolution. Members of the association, including lawyers and administrators, participated in the protests that took place in northern Syria, which demanded freedom, dignity and the overthrow of the Assad regime, stressing their right to build a state in which human rights, freedom and dignity are respected and preserved, a form of law and institutions.


“Justice is fairness to the victims, accountability for the perpetrators of crimes against the Syrian people, and a guarantee of lasting peace. Justice will be achieved by working to build Syria, a state of the law in which freedom and dignity are preserved, and that Syria is for all Syrians.”

Ammar Ezz el-Din, Lawyer – Hatay office manager



Rami al-Numan, a member of the board and director of public relations at the FSLA, said, “In terms of justice to people, justice is not sufficiently available to be provided to the Syrian people, and this justice is limited to the living reality that does not lead to holding the Syrian regime accountable for its crimes; however, one-day justice will be achieved, and this is clear from the preparations and continuous readiness for the moment of accountability for the crimes committed in Syria, As the Syrians are documenting crimes and violations to help the international community achieve justice.

The FSLA affirms the continuation of its pursuit and presence in the Syrian arena. It also demonstrates the continuation of its work and effort to achieve justice and hold the perpetrators accountable.

 “The revolution is an idea, and the idea continues; it never dies, and no matter how long it will take, the day when the revolution achieves its goals must come, and we will see the criminals before justice.”

Anwar Almhaimid, a lawyer at the Free Syrian Lawyers Association.


Ammar Ezz el-Din, Lawyer – Hatay office manager, also said that the Syrian revolution is the cry of the Syrian people demanding freedom, dignity and justice and that Syrians are those who made the political miracle in modern history in their uprising against the most repressive and totalitarian dictatorship in the world. He added that peace and hope are the reason for the continuation of the Syrian people’s life, as the revolution has come to represent their survival despite all the setbacks and disappointments.

The Syrian Network for Human Rights (SNHR) documented the killing of more than 230,000 Syrians and the displacement of nearly 14 million since March 2011 in a report issued on Wednesday, March 15, 2023, under the title “Democratic Political Transition, the Basic Demand of the Popular Movement for 12 Years.”

Among more than 230,000 dead, the SNHR documented more than 30,000 children and 16,000 women. Moreover, the report stated that the Syrian regime forces alone are responsible for the deaths of more than 201,000 Syrians.



 “Such a revolution could have ended in the first year if it had been in a country and people other than Syria. However, the Syrians believe in freedom, its necessity, and the need to live in dignity away from oppressive regimes. Therefore, the Syrians will not give up the demand for freedom and dignity, and they are ready to sacrifice even more to live like the rest of the civilised peoples of the world.”

Ramy ALnouman, Lawyer – Director of Public Relations at FSLA

About Free Syrian Lawyers Association

The Free Syrian Lawyers Association is a non-governmental organization that is concerned with human rights and legal affairs in Syria. The Free Syrian Lawyers Association was founded later in 2012, concerned inmonitoring and documenting human rights violations committed in Syria. It seeks to strengthen institutional work as well as support state institutions during the Syrian revolution .And to enable the work of the civil administrations and local councils,Strengthen the rule of law and justice, and to contribute to re authority of the judiciary and reform of the judicial body building and ensure its independenceto establish a state of justice and law.