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About Free Syrian Lawyers Association:

The Free Syrian Lawyers Association is a non-governmental organization that is concerned with human rights and legal affairs in Syria. The Free Syrian Lawyers Association was founded later in 2012, concerned inmonitoring and documenting human rights violations committed in Syria. It seeks to strengthen institutional work as well as support state institutions during the Syrian revolution .And to enable the work of the civil administrations and local councils,Strengthen the rule of law and justice, and to contribute to re authority of the judiciary and reform of the judicial body building and ensure its independenceto establish a state of justice and law.

Strategic Goals

Justice, gender equality and women's empowerment.

Youth political empowerment and public participation.

Justice for all victims; Ensure that perpetrators of crimes and violations are held accountable and that they do not go unpunished.

Restructuring legal institutions as well as improving the judiciary and ensuring its independence.

Providing legal assistance to Syrians inside and outside Syria.

Work Team


SAMER ALdeyaei

LAWYER – CEO [email protected]

Asyad Almousa

LAWYER - Project Manager [email protected]

Ramy ALnouman

LAWYER - Director of Public Relations [email protected]

Ammar Izddin

LAWYER - Hatay office manager [email protected]

AbdulWahab ALrifai

LAWYER - Project Manager [email protected]

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