FSLA aims to build an active legal system to guarantee providing justice to all social classes, especially marginalized ones.


FSLA is working to make justice a reality for all Syrians because only justice can bring lasting peace to Syria. Aims to form a country of justice, rule of law, democracy and human rights in Syria.


Strengthening respect towards the rule of law by means of public discussions, round tables, study groups, and workshops.

About Us

FSLA is a non-govermental nonpoliticl nonprofit legal jurist organization which aims to build a society based on justice and ruled by the law

by raising awareness and establishing concepts of justice, democracy and human rights

Legal Library


It’s one of the most important means of change in society, a part of the development plan drawn up by association, to spread the concepts of civil society and the role of law and its impacts on all areas of life so concerned with planning and implementation and to participate in awareness campaigns or advocacy for all segments of society.

In June of 2013,

The association launched the first awareness campaign widely and directly on the ground in Syria under the name document or watheq. The aim of this campaign was to spread awareness about the importance of seeking to document the rights and legal transactions carried out by citizens in Syria in order to preserve their rights from loss due to the security chaos, the layover of the state institutions, and the targeting of state institutions with bombings and destruction.

The association

 has launched awareness campaigns as a complement and expansion of the first watheq (document) campaign, the second campaign was under the name watheq 2 (document2) in four provinces (Damascus countryside, Idlib, Latakia, and Homs) between November of 2014 and June of 2015.

The campaign lasted

 for 40 days in 7 provinces (Damascus countryside, Homs, Alraqa, Aleppo, Dair-Alzor, Alhasake, and Idleb).

The free Syrian lawyers association

 has launched an awareness campaign about the recruitment of female minors in Syria, especially in Alhasake province, between April and May of 2015. The campaign lasted for 15 days.


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