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It is meaningful to know about the Association of Syrian Free Lawyers

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FSLA is a non-governmental nonpolitical nonprofit legal jurist organization which aims to build a
society based on justice and ruled by the law by raising awareness and establishing concepts of justice,
democracy and human rights.
FSLA aims to build an active legal system to guarantee providing justice to all
social classes, especially marginalized ones.
FSLA is working to make justice a reality for all Syrians because only justice can bring lasting  peace to Syria.
Aims to form a country of justice, rule of law, democracy and human rights in Syria.
  • Providing legal assistance to people in need and victims whom their human rights and fundamental freedoms were victimized.


  • Strengthening respect towards the rule of law by means of public discussions, round tables, study groups and workshops.


  • Establishing contact with resembling institutions and organizations, in additional to national


  • and international non-governmental organizations through exchanging experiences.



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