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The Syrian Free Lawyers Association has launched the “Haqak” program to inform the Syrians and the various places of their presence and spread of their basic rights where they are located in Syria from the residents and displaced persons in addition to the Syrians residing in the neighboring countries and Syrian refugees in the EU countries and aims to enhance their ability to use these rights,

The program relies on several mechanisms and methods, including through the social networking pages and books the website.
And publications issued by FSLA
And through the radio workshops produced in coordination with local and international radio and provided by professional lawyers and experienced
And video interviews conducted by lawyers on local and international channels and short films dealing with a specific subject in simplified and short time, and through lawyers working directly with the Syrians where they are located and provide this service free of charge to all without discrimination and in a manner commensurate with the legal status of the Syrians.

The “Haqak” program targets all Syrians and deals with all issues of concern to the Syrian people and concerns their daily lives, their original rights and their legal status, and the changes and mechanisms of their access to justice and the enjoyment of the rights granted to them.

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