Civil Documentation Project is part of The Free Syrian Lawyer’s Association Program to support the Justice and law Authority in Syria. In order to support the Transitional Justice process by rebuild the legal capacity among the civilian institutions and community’s civil administration bodies. The major focus has been on the local consuls as the representer of the local administrative institution who lead the community according to election process.

Civil Documentation file is an important file among the transitional process. Using the Syrian civil law is a major priority to fill the gaps of the law absence and to limits the role of created models of judiciary bodies which follow different reference depending on the reference believes or aims. Day by Day, FSLA tried to get the attention of civilian to avoid such created bodies by delivering of common services with unified system based on touchable and clear legal system which adapt the Syrian law. This system can be followed among local councils according to unified registry system and compatibility in the issuer of the document.

During the last seven years, thousands of children has been borne, thousands of people has been died, thousands of marriage or divorce. All of those new civil actions might be recorded. However, a lot of those actions were among the area which out of any administrative services. Until the presence of local councils as the civil institution who replace the states in the free areas.

The Free Syrian Lawyers Association aim to support the law authority and to enhance the law role among the Free Syrian provinces by the FSLA programs of awareness campaigns, media campaigns and training workshops among different geographic areas inside Syria to deliver unify massage to all of Syrian citizen inside besieged areas and outside besieges areas. In addition to unification of legal and administrative work mechanisms, in order to save the Syrian state’s bodies and public institutions under the light of Syrian civil law and the activation of the role of law.

Supporting the local councils and pushing forward the participatory process between the institutions and building administrative cadres to enhance the administrative work of the institutions and executive bodies of the civil administrations.


Project concept:

Civil documentation process is group of legal actions to Proof, Document and registration of legal transactions for civil affairs.  Documentation offices established by civil administration bodies is the responsibility of documentation process, based on individual request and according to Syrian civil law principles.

Free Syrian Lawyers Association, aims to convert the system of documentation offices into an executive institution system that directly controls and documents the daily actions of marriages, births, divorces, deaths, and family data extraction. This is the work of the civil registry, in addition to documenting contracts of sale, purchase, rent, and all of daily dealings between people through the control and documentation of these cases with official records to ensure the rights of people in the future and the legal status of people in their daily dealings.

When FSLA started the work, a main goal has been decided as the big mission of the association. Which is to provide legal support to institutions and civil administrations in Syria, Support the rule of law, judicial body and justice and documenting of committed human rights violations in Syria. The Free Syrian Lawyers Association (FSLA) was organized in order to respond to gaps in technical knowledge and expertise in the field of law. We spent the last two years in a very serious moves and specific plans to reach the goals successfully. In this project FSLA able to build a base of the pyramid toward judicial body properly, provides incorrect data support the judiciary in his base, and provide correct information about personal rights and centers of legal persons, including allowing re life cycle within the community in Syria.

Association has a strategic plan to achieve major goals, materialized through several programs:

  • Support for the rule of law and justice program
  • Human Rights Program
  • Monitoring and follow-up program (Observatory)
  • Support program for civil legal departments and state institutions

The Association able through the strong reputation of the members, and the work of the Association in the inside Syria, form strong relationships with hotspots in accordance with the work requirements, and provide services contact actually needs and establish a successful future of modern Syria, a civil state based on the rule of law and justice.

After the liberation of large areas in Syria, the working in state institutions stopped, and the rights of civilians became in great danger, and face different challenges, in addition to that the Community in Syria tends to institutional state, and rejects the link and deal with the Islamic courts that exist in some areas in Syria.

Accordingly, the Association carried out a series of awareness campaigns about the importance of keeping personal rights of civilians, and the necessity of seeking to install a civil case. And about the services performed by the Association through civil documentation offices in legal support project.


Project History

WATHEK campaign 15/09/2013

40 days of awareness and media campaign inside Syria among 8 Syrian provinces: Damascus Countryside, DER-ALZOUR, IDLEB, ALHASAKA, ALALRAKA, HOMS, ALEPPO, DARA.

WATHIK workshop. 2013 

Workshop with the representors of local councils, legal support objective.

Legal support and Documentation project 2014

HOMS, IDLEB, LATAKIA, Damascus Countryside.

CIVIL Documentation Project 2015


CIVIL Documentation Project 2016


Civil Documentation centers. 2017



Project Goal:

Enhance the legal capacity of the local councils as part of the legal support and justice enhancing mission.


Project objects:

  1. Protect the legal rights and the legal status of Syrian individuals.
  2. Rebuild the confidence bridge between the individuals and civil institution.
  3. Support the legal capacity of the local councils in order to raise the employer’s skills and council’s legal services.
  4. Organize the civilian legal actions among the free areas by official legal process.
  5. Increase the role of the Syrian civil law among Syrian community during the Transitional time.
  6. Support the local councils with qualified cadres.


Project Tools

  • Awareness campaigns.
  • Capacity Building Program.
  • Legal Support backup.


Services provided by the office:

  1. Civil Documentation: The documentation includes births, deaths, marriages and divorces and issue personal identification cards.
  2. Documentation of real estate: It includes all types of transactions relating to land ownership registration.
  3. Legal advice and organize contracts: to provide legal advice to citizens and organize the various contracts.
  4. Notary tasks


Covered Areas

HOMS, IDLEB, ALHASAKA, LATAKIA, ALEPPO, DARA, Damascus Countryside, Displaced camps.



Estimated number of civilian beneficiaries;

According to awareness campaign implemented in 8 provinces during 40 days:


Direct beneficiaries; workshops trainees:

Gaziantep workshop: 30 trainee

Internal workshops: 17 workshop/ 225 trainees.

Implemented campaigns during the project 17 campaigns.

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